(English)Candied Citrus Peel for Retailer

Exquisite sweetness and bitterness.
citrus peel made from Wakayama.

High-quality fruit-peel produced only by ITO-NOEN. ITO-NOEN's unique way of squeezing juice leaves the peel with cleanly squeezed pulp without crushing the skin fibers. Made with no preservatives, no wax, no brushing, only citrus peel and sugar. It can be used in a variety of ways as a citrus-flavored cooking ingredient. Enjoy the rich flavor that takes advantage of the characteristics of each citrus fruit.

  • As a confectionery ingredient.
    Easy to use because of dice-cut shape.

    As people spend more time at home, sales of confectionery supplies and confectionery materials have been strong. Stores may continue to be out of stock. At ITO-NOEN, we have caught on to the current needs and have started selling diced-citrus(orange) peels, which were previously available only for business use, in retail sizes. We deliver the authentic taste to your home with high-quality candied peels made from domestically produced citrus(orange) peels.

  • Product Features

    ITO-NOEN is located in the middle of Wakayama Prefecture, and we have produced over 500 tons of citrus juice, our main product, every year. In pursuit of the best flavor of juice, we developed a unique manufacturing way that does not crush the part of the peel too much. With this manufacturing way, the fruit peel remains intact along with the delicious juice. We select only those in good condition from the peels that retain their aroma and texture and process them into marmalade and peel products. ITo-NOEN's citrus orange peel is characterized by its high quality. Our selling point is that our products are fragrant and contained the sweetness, bitterness, and other flavors of each citrus fruit. We do not use any food additives such as fragrances, colorants, or preservatives. Because we make full use of the freshest ingredients that can only be found in the production area using carefully selected manufacturing methods, we are able to fully respond to opinions of our customers who want to use 「good」 and 「authentic」 products at home with peace of mind.

  • You can choose
    3 options

    ■MIKAN(japanese typical Mandarin-orange): A mild sweetness with the gentle flavor of MIKAN. Soft texture. (Ingredients: MIKAN(made in WAKAYAMA), sugar),

    ■Lemon: A refreshing scent without any harshness. It has a slight bitterness. It would be strong accents for your confection (Ingredients: LEMON(made in WAKAYAMA), sugar),

    ■Yuzu: The flavor and bitterness of yuzu are attractive. The aroma is amazing (ingredients: YUZU(made in WAKAYAMA), sugar)

    Three popular types with various personalities are now available for retail sale(for business as well). Easy-to-use 5mm dice cut, wet type with syrup that blends very well into the dough.The only ingredients are citrus fruits and sugar. We make full use of the natural color and aroma to create a simple and easy-to-handle taste. Uses can be expanded freely. We also have a cooking video for cheesecake that you can easily make at home.

  • Please contact us
    if you want to purchase business size one!

    We also offer a 500g size for business uses. For business uses, we offer various types according to your request, such as dice cut (3mm/5mm), slice (3mm/5mm), sugared (room temperature) or non-sweetened (frozen). In addition, ITO-NOEN produces over 20 types of citrus, so we have a rich lineup of citrus varieties. In addition to the three standard types of citrus avobe, we can also offer Japan originated citrus fruits such as Amanatsu and Hassaku(like a greapfruits), as well as domestic oranges. We also handle orders from small lots,.

    In addition, in the case of big size request, we will confirm stock of ingredients,especially during harvest season (October to April, depending on the variety). Please feel free to contact us.


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