(English) Mikan-Nanami

It have mixed 7 types of japanese flavorful materials.

Mikan nanami is a product that allows you to enjoy 7 types of Japanese spice ingredients that are delicious and rich.  It's based on ITO-NOEN's Wakayama-produced mandarine orange powder"Chinpi(dryed peel)", it is a unique blend of yuzu, Jabara Chinpi ,Red chili pepper, and ginger also produced in Wakayama. (Citrus and Japanese pepper make up over 70% of the total!)

It is characterized by a unique taste with exquisite citrus flavor, spiciness, and sharpness. It can be used for a wide range of dishes such as 鍋(japanese hotpot), noodles, soups, and yakitori.

  • You can enjoy good enough flavor of "Sansho 山椒" made in Aridagawa region in Wakayama.

    In fact, Wakayama Pref, is the most popular place of "山椒 Sansho", far ahead of the second place. 60% of "山椒 sansho" is produced in Wakayama Prefecture.  Among them, the Shimizu area of ​​Aridagawa-machi, which is about 30 minutes one way from Arita City, where ITO-NOEN is located, is famous for the 「grape sansho」 that grows like bunch of grapes. It is characterized by its spicy and edgy spiciness.

    ITO-NOEN's "Mikan-nanami" uses more than 10% of this "grape sansho" powder, which plays a major role in the high aroma of "Mikan-Nanami". Thanks to this "Sansho", we were able to create a delicious and differentiated product while using local products.

  • All ingredients are domestically produced.
    which we carefully selected and purchased.

    ●Red chili pepper
    It is one of the important ingredient that provides the spiciness that is essential to Shichimi.

    ●Red shiso
    Made with domestically produced red shiso. The scent of shiso, also known as a Japanese herb, adds a refreshing touch.

    A spice with a refreshing aroma and spiciness.

  • Keep your body "HOT".
    Make the earth "COOL".

    SDGs are sustainable development goals by 2030. ITO-NOEN's product are under 「Responsible Production and Consumption」. The annual amount of juice residue is approximately 1,300 tons. Of that amount, only 20 tons will be used for food. By making products using the peel, which is normally discarded during fruit juice extraction, we can contribute to reducing food emissions. Mikan Nanami is a product that can contribute to residue reduction and SDGs.


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