(English) 100% Pure juice

This is just "Pure Juice".

We want all customers satisfing mandarine orange juice.
There is no additive, no sugar at all.

  • We've been 120 years in ARIDA region!!

    ITO-NOEN was established about 120 years ago, in the middle of Meiji-era. Since its foundation, we have been always with the MIKAN. Now we are working on developing our mikan-cultivation with organic fertilizer. While we try to expand our own farmlands, we also continue processing mikans
    with cooperation of reliable local farmers.Over 35 years ago, We started out producing mikan juice with wishing that more and more people enjoy the taste of the mikan grown up in KISHU- ARIDA region. I thought that the juice is the best way to please everyone, from children to old.

  • Use 30 MIKAN
    for one bottle

    We are proud of pure and natural flavor that our products have. This“ 100% pure juice MIKAN-SHIBORI” is our first and representative product.
    “SHIBORI” means “Squeeze.” It expresses that without unnecessary process or additives, it tastes really natural just as squeezed.
    Original squeezing machine makes a difference. Round cups gently press half-cut MIKANs not to crush its skin. It works well to prevent the bitterness of orange skin from reducing the quality of juice. We wish you to savor the real taste of MIKAN. That is why we have adopted this uncompromising method for over 30 years. Our juice tastes fresh and rich and leaves clean and pleasant flavor in your mouth. Once you have a ship of MIKAN-SHIBORI, it will give you unforgettable impression.

  • Awarded the Grand Gold medal for 2023

    Mikan, Kiyomi, Shiranui, and Hassaku are awarded the highest gold award at Monde Selection again this year. Mikan Shibori has won the highest gold award for 12 consecutive years. We will continue to work sincerely in uncompromising way using special manufacturing methods that make the most of the delicious flavor of Wakayama's citrus fruits.

  • What are differences between "Straight(NFC)" & "concentration"?

    Juices produced by ITO-NOEN are 100% pure juice. Furthermore it's NFC fruit juice, not concentrated.
    Concentration processes reduction requires less storage space, can help to transport in large quantities, and reduces costs, so it is handled relatively cheap. However, in the process of heating and evaporating the 100% fruit juice to remove water and concentrate, the original flavor and nutrients of citrus fruit are going lost. Therefore, when water is added later to reconstitute it, flavoring and sugars must be added to adjust the flavor.

  • Enjoy fresh taste&
    Enjoy variety of citrus!!

    ITO-NOEN was founded as a mandarin orange wholesaler. Taking advantage of this strength, ITO-NOEN produces not only "Unshu-MIkan(Japanese typical mandarin oranges" but also various citrus fruits harvested in Wakayama. Currently, the juice lineup includes over 16 types. We offer a complete lineup, including 「Kiyomi orange」 which has a good balance of sweetness and bitterness, 「Amanatsu」 which has a strong aroma and grapefruit taste, and even rare varieties such as 「Harumi」 and 「Natsumi」. We also accept mixed types within the case, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to try something.


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